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With over 100 years of experience in this trade but with a young and renewed spirit, Wooldreamers is the only brand that works directly with national producers and carries out the entire wool process, from sheep to spinning, under the same roof.
Wooldreamers was born to generate a positive change, connecting the knitters with the origin of the fiber: the field and the sheep.
In this way, we offer yarns 100% guaranteed sustainable traceability, ensuring that all steps have been carried out sustainably for all parts involved in the chain. This economic, social, and environmental sustainability will allow your garments to be part of a change towards a more natural, supportive, and just future.
At Mota del Cuervo, Wooldreamers transforms from sheared woolen fleeces into yarn with passion, commitment, and tradition, which makes it possible to produce unique yarns, full of stories and totally sustainable.
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Dehesa de Barrera Fingering
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