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Along avec Anna

Since 2017, Anna Dervout has been an independent knitwear designer. Knitting has always been a passion, a way of life for her and so she always has a project on her needles. 

Branching off her designs, she has chosen to launch a range of yarns that respect the well-being of the environment and the animals. She has been very thorough in looking into the yarn-making process and its quality.

Along avec Anna yarns are perfect yarns for hand knit, machine knitting, crochet and embroidery. All yarns are made from natural fibres with a high ethical standard. The yarn is traceable to the farm, REACH standard, and certified mulling free.

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Along Avec Anna
Along avec Anna Silk Mohair
Regular price $17.00
Along Avec Anna
Along avec Anna Merino
Regular price $16.00
Along Avec Anna
Along avec Anna Double Merino
Regular price $17.00

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